Get Clean and Stay Clean Solution for Complex Salesforce Application Delivered in 40 days


Client Overview

Non-Profit Catholic Relief organization whose operations mainly involve human capital development for needy communities that have been affected by war, famine and natural disasters.

Project Scope

  • Extraction of master data records of Institutions, Institution address, Individual & Individual address (Approx. 400K) from Source instance for data cleansing.
  • Master Data deduplication 
  • Institution related transactional record update for 23 objects.
  • Individual related transactional record update for 18 objects.

Business Situation

The Client’s master data quality in salesforce is in bad shape with major problems like duplicates and non-standardized data for its major operational objects. For Example, consider in the name of Catholic Church (institution), there might be 5 records which should be a single record and those 5 records has n number of institution address which needs to group to single institution. Due to it the accurate data is not present in system.

Technical Situation

  • Transformation logic for Data cleansing and data standardization
  • Duplicate check
  • Reparenting transactional objects (Institution has 23 transactional objects and individual has 18 transactional objects)
  • Reparenting code needs to be done in Salesforce without affecting the existing functionalities.
  • Migration of huge volume of data
  • Need to extract huge number of records
  • To extract the records, filter condition is provided, By using that filter condition we need to extract the From and To relationship of the child object which is a challenging one.


  • The Institution and the institution address will be combined and maintained in another object in dataZen.
  • The Individual and the individual address will be combined and maintained in another object in dataZen.
  • Implement 60+ Transformation logics for Data cleansing 
  • Google API and USPS
  • Match and Merge rule to deduplicate data 
  • After completion of the match process the data will be submitted to the business users to confirm on the merge process for final review & actions.
  • After final confirmation from the business users the data will be moved to dataZen golden hub.
  • After the golden hub is confirmed the data would need to be moved to Salesforce (CRSfullsandbox & Production instance).
  • Code development in Salesforce for reparenting transactional objects



  • Data Standardization
  • Approx 15K records has been cleaned from the master objects.  
  • Increased data accuracy 
  • Eliminate poor quality data
  • A Single source of truth
  • Clean master data lead to operation excellence
  • Reduction in cost and effort for business users in the new rollouts

Products and Services Used

dataZap - Pre-Configured Templates & Migration Engine to Extract, Transform, Pre-Validate, Load, Reconcile & Report.

dataZen - To 'Get Clean' and 'Stay Clean', and Introduce Master Data Governance.


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