Get Clean and Stay Clean Solution Implemented for Customer Master in 12 Weeks

Medical Instrument / Healthcare

Client Overview

A leading company which is a global dental and orthodontic manufacturing company that has experienced non-stop growth for over 30 years, and is driven for continued growth. They have vertically integrated disciplines of chemistry, engineering, automation, robotics, marketing, and more.

Project Scope

  1. This project scope was to have clean Customer Master data.

  1. In their existing system (Oracle EBS R12) they had a huge amount of Customer Master data which was mostly duplicated.

  1. Business User used to manually merge the duplicate data in Oracle one by one which was a painful process for them.

  1. Identifying the Golden data (Survivor data) among the duplicates was one among their painful processes.

Business Situation

A huge amount of Customers were getting created in Oracle directly and also simultaneously there were multiple Customers getting created in Web portal. Data which gets created in Web Portal gets created in Oracle EBS automatically. Business users had to merge them all manually by identifying the duplicates and run the concurrent process manually in Oracle EBS which is actually a painful process.

Technical Situation

  1. Extracted the data from source as a one time activity.

  1. Configured the automerge rule for identifying the duplicate values based on the given clusters from the client which was identified as High, Medium and Low.

  1. Provided a screen in Data Zen to view which data will be made as survivor and which one will get merged with the golden data (survivor).

  1. Enabled a process in Data Zap which will trigger the integration between Data Zen and Oracle EBS which will actually enables the concurrent process in Oracle EBS to merge the data


  1. We provided them a simple option through the Data Zen application which helped them to identify the duplicates with our powerful match engine.
  2. We also provided them a centralized hub which helped them to see the Golden data in the application
  3. We provided them a simple option to merge the data in Oracle using our Data Zap application which will be integrating with Data Zen and Oracle EBS R12.
  4. We also provided them with an auto merge concept which again made their work much easier in identifying the duplicates with some simple automated rules.



  1. Identifying the duplicates made simple.
  2. Business User rigorous work has been made seamless for merging the customer data.
  3. Created stay clean process to enable the master data to stay clean 97% of the time.


  1. Oracle EBS R12
  1. Microsoft SQL Server

Products and Services Used

dataZen - To 'Get Clean' and 'Stay Clean', and Introduce Master Data Governance.


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