Master Data Governance Solution with Oracle Integration in 12 weeks

September 30, 2020

Client Overview

Our client is an American biotechnology company headquartered in San Rafael, CA. It has offices and facilities in the United States, South America, Asia, and Europe. Core business and research are in enzyme replacement therapies.

Project Scope

The business has a requirement of Data governance to keep the clean customer Master data to the most significant benefit for Operational excellence and Complete track on the customer onboard. Customers onboard should complete within a week with quality data. Business wants flexible Business workflow and Quality rules for maintaining the data to be qualified.


  • Source System: Customer Onboarding  Form with the Relationships
  • Target System: Oracle R12.1.3
  • Customer Model Relationship: TCA Architecture

Business Situation

  • In the current process, Customer Service staff collect information over a long period, storing it informally and manually, and inputting it all into an electronic form when all questions get answers.
  • Any needed approvals or reviews are handled manually without any proper workflow process in the system.
  • Onboard to the New Customer takes more than three weeks,  which increases the lead time.
  • There were multiple customer e-forms for different operational units.
  • The client use of Inconsistent method and data combined resulted in poor customer experience.
  • Inability to provide accurate customer Information for the different sites.

Technical Situation

The e-forms were not supporting workflow and notification as per business requirement, and e-forms not helped the scalability and created the problem with data integration with Oracle. Lack of track in customers onboard.


  • The solution proposed was dataZen
  • The implementation is for customers onboard MDM Form as a single view Entry system with the required information fields to do the transactions.
  • Business Rules and Validations provided different data sets for smooth transactions to maintain high-quality data. Complex workflows Handled with different hierarchical levels, and at each stage of the process, email notification triggers the users with the essential information in the email.
  • Request workbench and Audit Reports improve the customer experience for the users for their request quickly.
  • Bulk Data Loading Options Enabled for Updating the Existing customer information.



  • We have a centralized customer Master Hub for doing the daily transactions and integrate with the oracle.
  • Eliminated the manual workflow process by introducing the standard approach for the complex workflow process.
  • SLA brings in discipline and improved productivity among users; the workflow's delegation takes place for the smooth functioning and reduces the lead time for creating the customers.
  • We are updating the customer master as a mass update for the unfilled information in later stages.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clean Master Data Leads to Operational excellence.
  • Minimize the Request Lead time to onboard the new customer and Updates.
  • A scheduled integration to Oracle ERP whenever the new customer request gets approved.
  • Interface report with the detailed workflow Movement indicating the lead times with the users' proper error handling.
  • The dynamic Business Validations on the screen helps when the data enters a page and on change.
  • Integrated view for the customer relationships with contact details and the sites.
  • Cleaning the Master Data one time and keeping it stay Clean by using the governance process.

Products and Services Used

dataZen - To 'Get Clean' and 'Stay Clean', and Introduce Master Data Governance.


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