Oracle Cloud Setup Automation

Financial Services

Client Overview

It is a Financial Sector company which is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. It was founded in the year of 1968.It has been 52 years of services. Products are Banking Technology, Payment Technology, Processing Services, Information Based services. Around 55000 employees are working around the globe.

Project Scope

Client’s requirement is to migrate the data from their legacy system into Oracle cloud.Oracle EBusiness suite is a legacy system for them. There were a lot of setups that needed to be migrated within a short span of time.More than 50 setups including,receivables,General ledger,inventory,payables etc., needs to be migrated.Especially payable setups are sensitive and needs to be validated.Some of the payable setups are Financial Options,Payment terms,Payment Methods.

Business Situation

There were a bunch of setups available in the Oracle E-Business Suite which is a legacy system to them. They need to validate the setups and have a round test for verification. They should have the knowledge about the oracle cloud for pre and post load activities. Lot of data migration template need to be created with all required validations. Conversion cycles from test to UAT to finally prod. Setups from modules like AP, AR, GL, CM, PA,FA, PO,OM need to be migrated into oracle cloud.

Technical Situation

Migrated data needs to be validated before and after loading the data. Connections are to be created with oracle cloud for executing the Bots. Layouts created with a lot of elements with the data flow. Layouts are associated with playbacks. Based on the playbacks, template need to be created and it is attached with loader. Loader execution makes the data to be migrated with all validations.


ChainSys deployed Smart Bots for data migration into Oracle cloud with all pre and post validations. Users itself are able to create the objects like layout, playback, template, loader with minimal intervention of ChainSys. Loader executions are high in speed so time taken for data migration is less. Complicated migration flows are to be done easier.



Smart Bots maintain accuracy during Bulk data migration. Once the object is created with all validations it can be repeatable during conversion cycles. Simplified the process during Multiple Migration Iterations with great accuracy. Check-in and Check-out options in the Smart Bots are used to migrate multiple objects from source to target applications for different Test Cycles. It can be scheduled to repeat the process for testing and loading.

Products and Services Used

Smart Bots is deployed and used for achieving the data migration along with validations.


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