Oracle E-Business Suite Load Testing

Industrial Manufacturing

Client Overview

It is a large manufacturer of Electric motors and controls which has headquarters at Beloit  Wisconsin  United States It was founded in the year of 1955 It has branches in 14 countries Products are Electric HVAC Motors Electrical generators High Voltage Induction Motor Slip Ring Motor Low Voltage AC motors DC motors Capacitors Electrical connector devices Gears Gear Boxes Automotive Transmissions Marine transmissions Cutting tools Military Terminal Blocks Fuse holders and 'Made in the USA' Power Distribution Blocks Automotive Ring and Pinions It has 23 600 employees working around the world Subsidiaries are Century Durst Fasco Genteq Marathon Electric Master gear Worldwide LEESON Electric Thomson Technology.

Project Scope

Oracle Application Load Testing is an integrated  full lifecycle solution which ensures application quality and performance with complete end-to-end testing and test management capabilities Automated testing can accelerate your test cycles and reduce the burden of EBS manual testing End to End load testing needs to be done to improve the quality of the application It can help you simulate production-level loads & identify performance bottlenecks loads.

Business Situation

Load testing needs to be done to test their day in the life scenarios Bot has to extract all recent transactions and test with multiple sessions Instance performance needs to be monitored after applying patch or upgrade instance It needs to be validated to boost up the application performance Oracle application R12 2 is an environment where application load testing needs to be done Automation process should be implemented to initiate the end to end application testing It should avoid the manual effort Modules like Finance SCM HRMS OTM OPM are in a need of complete cycle testing.

Technical Situation

Ensuring the quality of your Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) applications is critical to your business But testing EBS applications prior to deployment and keeping up with the pace application updates while maintaining application quality can be a challenge After upgrading the instance or applying any new patches will have impact on the instance Business transactions may be affected Prior to the deployment in any instance need to have a complete load testing on application.


Nearly 360 testing templates have been provided to perform the automated load test All recent transactions will be automatically identified and testing will be triggered for those transactions It will be done in a short period of time It is an end to end testing so no invalid datas will fetch Execution summary report will show the start time end time and total execution time of the test case Detail execution summary will be added in the document.



EBS test automation can help you improve quality and reduce testing times At the end of testing. We can get error-free and high performance applications These testing automation will save  70% of human efforts Check-in and Check out in Smart Bots provides an option for migrating the successful objects into other instances like UAT or any DEV.

Products and Services Used

Smart Bots was used to achieve the load testing in Oracle E-Business Suite.


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