SAP Regression Testing

Industrial Manufacturing

Client Overview

The Client is a largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe. It was founded in the year of 1st October 1847. Serving for 100+ years across the world. It has headquarters in Munich, Germany. Products are Power generation technology, industrial and buildings automation, medical technology, railway vehicles, water treatment systems, fire alarms, PLM software. They are providing services for Business services, financing, project engineering and construction. It has around 385000 employees working around the world.

Project Scope

It is a type of testing where it finds the software bugs or any changes after the applying patches or configuration changes. Goal of this regression testing is to ensure that no new bugs has been created after completed the above activities. Motive is to bugs found in one part of the module should not affect the other part. As the Definition states, the main purpose is to test and confirm the changes that are being introduced to the code does not affect the existing functionality of the application.

Business Situation

Regression Testing comes into focus due to change in the Code due to bug fix or change in the code due to new functionalities being added to the application. It is the responsibility of the tester to make sure that the changed code works fine and also the induction of the new code does not affect the existing functionalities of the application.

Technical Situation

In Overall estimation of the project, regression testing effort will also be included. In certain cases, estimation is revised based on the number of defects uncovered during the conversion cycle, complexity of the changes in the application during the Integration/User Acceptance Testing Phase.


Chainsys deployed the smart Bots for achieving the regression testing on SAP. Loaders can be created with all flows. Dataflows can be created and attached into process flow. These process flow and migration flow helps in executing objects in a correct flow. Regression testing can be done by Smart Bots in quick time.



Regression testing through Smart Bots is easily configurable. Objects created for testing can be migrated to some other instance. Check-in and Check-out options in the Smart Bots are used to migrate multiple objects from source to target applications for different Test Cycles.

Products and Services Used

Smart Bots is deployed and used for achieving the data migration along with validations.


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