The answers to data problems have now changed.

The Gen3 Smart Data Platform is built for elasticity, creativity & accessibility.

Smarter. Faster. Simpler.

It's impossible until its done. Do it with the Smart Data Platform.

The Smart Data Platform components work together to offer a holistic data management package.

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Data Migration, Setup Migration, Integration & Reconciliation

The quickest way to migrate, integrate, load, reconcile or archive data. Includes 9000+ pre-built templates for all major systems.

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Master Data Management, Governance & Data Quality

User-driven, customizable and seamless process to achieve clean, managed, and governed data. Get Clean & Stay Clean without manually sifting through data.

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Analytics, Security, Cataloging and Data Science

AI & ML driven analytics, GRC, security & cataloging powered by pure data. Data is secure, intelligent and only a search away.

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Data & Setup
Mass data loading
Archival and Purging
Data Reconciliation
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Master Data Management
Data Quality Management

Enterprise-wide Governance & Workflows
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ML & AI driven Data masking, scrambling, security & GRC
Dynamic Visualization, Reporting & Analytics
Cataloging and Meta Data Management with
'Data Citizen' feature

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