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Data Loading Tools

Product Valid Usecase

Use Case

Use Cases for Data Loading Tools

  • Mass Data loading (Setups, Master and Transactional data)
  • Mass Data updates
  • Excel Based Mass loading
  • Office 365 based mass loading
  • Google Sheet based mass loading
  • M&A
  • Divestiture
  • Data Conversion
  • Month end closure
  • Data Maintenance
  • Any File based loading


  • Accelerate the Cloud Deployment
  • NO BABY SITTING. 100% Background Processing.
  • Select any adapters from ready to use 9000+ Data Adapters
  • Improved Data Quality
  • Great tool for the Business users
  • Pre-defined validations before loading.
  • Rules based data transformation.
  • Automated Data Cleansing.
  • Handles high volume 1 Million+ in single shot.
  • Supports Excel, CSV, XML and Flat files, plus cloud Office 365 and Google Sheets.
  • Supports scheduling of data loads
  • Automated Reconciliation
  • Automated Functional processes with converted data
Product Benefits
Product Differentiators


  • Certified Data conversion Platform for Oracle and SAP.
  • Ready to use 1000+ Data Adaptors for Oracle and SAP
  • Support 50+ Enterprise Applications including Salesforce, Workday®, Microsoft, Peoplesoft, JDEdwards and others.
  • 100% Cloud Platform, Ease of use.
  • Data does not leave the client network.
  • Inbuilt Data Reconciliation for all data loading
  • Plug and Play: Templated Approach Oracle EBS: 1000+ Templates ready SAP: 1000+ Templates ready Oracle Cloud: 1000+ Templates ready
  • Simply Configure
  • Designed for business users
  • In-built Versioning tool
  • Supports ALL3: Setups, Master and transactional data loading
  • Parallel processing data conversion
  • Cloud First ETL software, Ease of use