Valid Use Cases, Benefits & Differentiators

Oracle Migration

Product Valid Usecase

Use Case

  • Use Oracle migration to migrate configurations from one Oracle Cloud/eBS application to another
  • Creation of new Setups from spreadsheets, google sheets, or Office365 docs.
  • Create first-time configurations in Oracle Cloud/eBS - Standard Configurations available
  • Create new Legal entity, Operating Unit, Inventory Organization setups from existing setups.
  • Report the configurations existing in the Oracle Cloud/eBS applications
  • Compare the differences in configurations between Operating units or legal entities or inventory organization within or across Oracle cloud/eBS instances
  • Create an auditable release management process for Configurations in Oracle cloud/eBS applications
  • Accelerate Configurations in Oracle Cloud/eBS applications for  new implementations, Roll-outs, Merger and acquisitions, Divestitures & Carve outs
  • Accelerate Configurations in Oracle Cloud/eBS applications for Instance consolidations
  • Compare setups across applications and migrate incremental setups 
  • Reporting for Setups – Flexible layouts and formats available for your dynamic view of setups.


  • Save 70% in time & cost 
  • Oracle ETL requires reduced manual effort during setup management & migrations
  • Repeatable, Scalable & Agile process
  • User-friendly screens, with a humanized UI
  • No-code/Low-code approach 
  • Electronically produce Setup Reporting – BR100
  • Automated Reconciliation
  • Setup Enrichment and quality for accuracy & compliance
  • Pay only for the data you move
Product Benefits
Product Differentiators


  • Pay-as-you-use, subscription pricing model data migration tool
  • Cloud First, Ease of use
  • Ready to use 900+ data setup templates for Oracle and SAP.
  • Built-in Patch Analysis engine, helps to retrofit any changes to the Templates for new versions  on cloud.
  • Over 400 Oracle functional & technical consultants
  • Certified Setup migration Platform for Oracle and SAP.
  • Inbuilt Setup Reconciliation
  • Easily Configurable
  • Highly Scalable
  • Inbuilt Setup object dependencies
  • Parallel processing data migration software