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Robotic Process Automation Benefits

Product Valid Usecase

Use Case

Use Cases for Robotic Test Automation

  • Business Process automation for HTML and Non-HTML / Desktop based applications.
  • Regression testing for major ERP / CRM applications including Oracle Cloud, SAP S/4Hana, Workday®, Salesforce and others.
  • AI driven Patch Analysis for Cloud Applications such as Oracle Cloud Applications, SAP S/4Hana, SuccessFactors, Salesforce, Workday® etc.
  • Performance Testing for Enterprise Applications
  • Load Testing for Enterprise Applications
  • Release Testing for Enterprise Applications. Cloud Applications have a minimum 3 new releases per year.
  • RPA based Testing Automation.
  • Data Loading solution for HTML and Non-HTML / Desktop based applications through Screen Playbacks.
  • Need a BOTS / Companion to automate and perform several tasks for you and report the success and errors.
  • Need a robust workflow based / RPA based / AI driven Business process automation and Testing automation engine.


Robotic Process Automation Benefits

  • It is a No Code / Low Code AI/RPA Based Business Process Automation and Testing Automation Platform.
  • Have a great head start of 80% or over with the 4000+ ready-to-use Testing Functional Playbacks / BOTS for SAP, Oracle, Workday® etc.
  • One of the biggest benefits of RPA is that it takes just a few hours to build a complicated new business process, or customize existing Playbacks.
  • You do not need technical skills for working on the platform.
  • The platform works with simple drag-and-drop features.
  • In-Built Business Process Management Workflow engine for routing complex workflow needs.
  • Automated Processes and Test automation processes built support distributed computing, so it can scale up both horizontal and vertical.
  • The application supports load testing of concurrent 1000's of users.
  • Playbacks created can run on the Servers, and also your own desktops.
  • Another great RPA automation benefit is that you can run multiple sessions up to 5 in Chrome browser. Supports the Firefox browser as well.
  • Save a Ton of money and time in Business Process Automation and Testing.
  • Next Generation technology for your use.
  • Audit trails on all process automation / test steps are documented and reported for success or errors.
  • Build any number of reports and dashboards.
  • Rapid implementation models:

                       1 day - Normal Test Automation

                       2-3 days - Complex Test Automation

                       2 weeks - Complex Business Process Automation creation.

  • High Performance
Product Benefits
Product Differentiators


  • Cloud First, Ease of use.
  • Pay only for your usage. Much cheaper than any others, but more feature rich than others.
  • Business Process Automation or Testing needs can be automatically identified using AI driven profiling engines.
  • Public Cloud is offered in Azure. Private Cloud options available in AWS, OCI and other client data centers.
  • SECURE - Data can be encrypted both in motion and rest
  • Robust Workflow engine available.
  • Ready to use: 4000+ Smart Playback Adapters for SAP, Oracle, Workday®, and others for Setups, Master and Transactional screens.
  • Low code to No code
  • Smooth Implementation
  • Can handle high volume of data
  • Business rules engine for complex routing of metadata management and lineage tracking.
  • Ease of use
  • Global Presence in USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Netherlands, Dubai, India and Singapore.
  • 24 X 7 Phone Support and Online Support Portal.
  • Training offered through ChainSys University.
  • 22+ Years of Product Development Experience.